Three combination rhetorical essays

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Logos refers to the logical components of an argument. These components include evidence, facts and figures, expert testimony, and the grounds for argumentation itself induction and deduction will be explored at greater length later in the term. Providing compelling support to your audience serves a number of important purposes. Opening your argument with a compelling case study, for instance, can serve to explain the heart of the argument.

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If that case study includes a human element, it can aid in personifying your argument. Providing a human face to such abstract concepts as child abuse or environmental degradation, for instance, can make these complicated subjects easier to grasp for your audience. As noted in the introduction to this learning module, locating and advancing credible, relevant proof is becoming increasingly difficult in the digital era.

Common Rhetorical Devices

Ideally, at the conclusion of this course, you will have developed a variety of habits and identified some productive resources in your own approach to advancing logical proofs. One should illustrate credibility early in the argumentative process. One should carefully examine the intended audience and the purpose of the communication act prior to developing an argument. And one should find credible, relevant resources upon which to base an argument. He notes that these principles of sound argumentation can be used by both virtuous and depraved individuals, and that persuasive rhetoric can yield both positive and negative outcomes for a given society Rapp.

Developing a stronger understanding of basic logic, the logical fallacies, and the intentions of the communicator helps us identify flawed arguments so that we can attempt to refute them, ignore them, or expose them to greater culture. The Rogerian argument, inspired by the influential psychologist Carl Rogers, aims to find compromise on a controversial issue. If you are using the Rogerian approach, your introduction to the argument should accomplish the following tasks.

Your introduction should:. The first time that you refer to the author, refer to him or her by his or her full name. After that, refer to the author by last name only. Never refer to an author by his or her first name only. Remember, your audience has already read the work you are responding to.

Therefore, you do not need to provide a lengthy summary. Focus on the main points of the work to which you are responding and use direct quotations sparingly. Direct quotations work best when they are powerful and compelling. The following is an example of how the introduction of a Rogerian argument can be written. The topic is racial profiling.

Examples of Visual Rhetoric: The Persuasive Use of Images

In the letter, the narrator details the people in her life, from her father to her best friend at school. Recently, with the outbreaks of terrorism in the United States, Spain, and England, many are calling for racial profiling to stifle terrorism. The issue has sparked debate, with one side calling it racism and the other calling it common sense.

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Once you have written your introduction, you must now show the two sides to the debate you are addressing. Though there are always more than two sides to a debate, Rogerian arguments put two viewpoints in stark opposition with one another. Summarize each side, then provide a middle path.

Your summary of the two sides will be your first two body paragraphs. Use quotations from outside sources to effectively illustrate the position of each side. Since the goal of Rogerian argument is to find a common ground between two opposing positions, you must identify the shared beliefs or assumptions of each side. In the example above, both sides of the racial profiling issue want to ensure the safety of the American public.

A solid Rogerian argument acknowledges the desires of each side, and tries to accommodate both.

Rough Draft of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Again, using the racial profiling example above, both sides desire a safer society, and perhaps a better solution would focus on more objective measures than race; an effective start would be to use more screening technology on public transportation. Once you have a claim that disarms the central dispute, you should support the claim with evidence and quotations when appropriate. Remember, you should quote to illustrate a point you are making. You should not, however, quote to simply take up space. Make sure all quotations are compelling and intriguing: Consider the following example.

This statement sums up the beliefs of those in favor of profiling in public places. Though the debate over racial profiling is sure to continue, each side desires to make the United States a safer place. With that goal in mind, our society deserves better security measures than merely searching a person who might have a darker complexion. We cannot waste time with such subjective matters, especially when we have technology that could more effectively locate potential terrorists.

Following a traditional essay structure is a clue. Explain to your readers why you have chosen the specific piece of information to analyze. Mention the full title, the name of the author, and his or her goals. Based on your , add information step-by-step to support your thesis statement. You know the types of tone to define it correctly. Say whether the writer managed to achieve his purpose. An example of good thesis statement may be: Betz reviews the principles of magnetic particle inspection using the method of non-destructive testing and serious tone.

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  8. By using your notes, decide on the main rhetorical strategies the writer prefers. Exclude points that do not seem too important.

    Dedicate enough time to researching all unknown words and phrases on the dictionary like Merriam-Webster. Remember: your analysis should not be completely positive or negative. It should rather have a neutral tone. Use various good and bad points.

    Anders Fagerjord: Four Axes of Rhetorical Convergence

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