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Mones, Civil Engineering. Pothering, Civil Engineering.

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Rachtan, Civil Engineering. Smith, Civil Engineering.

Structural Engineering

Tyros, Civil Engineering. Berliner, Civil Engineering. Maslova, Civil Engineering. Mcguirk, Civil Engineering. Peabody, Civil Engineering. Charron, Civil Engineering. Gregorio, Civil Engineering. Kelton, Civil Engineering. Razo, Civil Engineering. Veale, Civil Engineering. If you want to graduate in steel structures , it is best to contact prof. Roland Abspoel his office is located in room S2 2.

Possible research topics are fatigue problems and new types of connections. Topics also depend on what research is being conducted in the lab at that moment and, again, on your own preferences and input.

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If you want to graduate in timber structures and wood technology , it is best to contact dr. Ravenshorst G. Ravenshorst tudelft. The general objective is to enlarge the application of biobased materials in structures for buildings and road-and waterworks. Possible research topics are: - Tthe strength of timber products and connections with to regard to application in practice. For graduating in road or railway engineering , its best to contact prof.

Scarpas road engineering room S2 2.

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Markine railway engineering room S2 2. In pavement engineering, a lot of research is conducted on the bonding between bitumen and granulate in pervious concrete under heavy conditions. In railway engineering, a lot of research is conducted in theoretic damage models in rails and contact surface mechanics. On the sixth floor of the faculty, the mechanics department is located. If your graduation topic includes dynamics or finite element modelling, it is wise to approach someone of the staff to be in your graduation committee.

Engineer Degree in Structural Engineering and Geomechanics | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sonali Pattanayak. Flow over a rectangular side weir under sub critical conditions. Vikas Kumar Vidyarthi.

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Hybrid modeling of rainfall- runoff process. Seismic analysis of a river aqueduct considering soil-structure interaction and hydrodynamic effects. Effect of building nonlinearity on seismic response of nonstructural components: experimental and analytical studies. Vellore Lakshmi Narayanan, Naveen. Evaluation of masonry materials and half dome structure Lucknow monuments Resistancy for seismic. Potential impact of bicycle friendly roadway infrastructure on bicycling activities in urban India.

Structural Engineering

Effect of thickness of a sandwiched layer of bitumen between two aggregates on the bond strength: an experimental study. Foreign Students. Faculty Post-Doc Staff. Under Graduate Programme B.

Tech B. Tech- M. Tech Category A B. Tech Category B Double Major. Tech MS by Research Phd. Tech Thesis Phd Thesis. Consulting Outreach Suo Moto Disclosure. You are here: Home M.

Structural Engineering Thesis Topics

Tech Thesis. Environmental Engineering Year. Experimental Investigations of performance and combustion of vegetable. Revival of wind energy application in ship Propulsion sing modern wing. Comparison of personal eposure measurements for a typical IIT Kanpur. An observational and Laboratory study on the effect of loudf condensa-. First surface, spatial and vertical measurements of cloud condensations.

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Optimal sat-gel coating of TiO2 Nanoparticles for potential photo catalytic. Estimation of wxit flow distribution using computational fluid dynamics in. Recovery of Alum from Alum sludge deposited in sludge beds in water. Experimental evaluation of motion correction algorithm for laser scanning of moving objects. Multi-resolution segmentation based classification of polSar imagery. Settlement response of extensible geosynthetics reinforced granular fill — soft soil system. Fly ash based geopolymers: processing and geotechnical property assessment. Interference effect of nearby strip footings on reinforced soil using upper bound limit analysis.

Effect of compressive load on uplift capacity of group of batter piles in sand.

Modelling of time dependent response of unreinforced and reinforced railway track. Interaction effect of two nearby strip anchors using method of characteristics. Permanent displacement of nailed soil slopes subjected to earthquake loading. Vivek, P. Interference effect of two near-by square and rectangular footings on layered soil. Analysis of two closely spaced surface fottings using finite Element Method. Effect of depth of embedment on compressive and pullout capacity of footing in sand. Interferen effect of two klnearby kshallow foundations numerical approach.