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What I do is I take 3 days to draft a resume. During those 3 days only 2 hours are spent in total writing but most of the other time is spent understanding the industry, relevant jargon, technical ins and outs so that everything sounds correct. I do my research based on tons of similar resumes for that industry. I also resort to the net to look up definitions of tools and technologies or business concepts that apply to that individuals. Before I share anything with the client, I then call them a few more times if needed to understand what they have done and whether my understanding of their job is correct.

That saves a lot of time when I make the resume available. I wish you all the best with your job search. Lissa in Reston, Virginia. NeedaCareer in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. In the past I have always held task oriented positions that went no where. I went back to school to get my Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management hoping to propel myself into a career.

So far it has just complicated things.

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I have been unemployed for over 6 months and submitted nearly resumes with only a handful of interviews. I know I would be an asset to any company willing to give this diamond in the rough a chance but clearly something is wrong with my resume. I've tried to rewrite my own but in my in my disparity I have tossed myself into a state of analysis paralysis.

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However, while desperate I am still intelligent enough to perform my due diligence. A big thank you to those providing feedback on TopResume I was considering going with them but decided to do a bit more research before dropping coinage on their services. So happy I stumbled upon this thread, it saved me money I did not have to spend in the first place. MarkRomero in New York.

I actually found a resume writer from this forum, they were really good - Ward Resumes. But I did my research, checked them out on google , Yelp etc. I also did some research into their process Plus their website really looked way better than the other writers I'd been recommended to Anyway their website is www. There are plenty of decent writers out there I help people with their resumes, cover letters, and other sorts of job-seeking documents and it is unfortunate but you need to be careful when hiring a resume writing company.

The internet has made it easy for resume mills to churn out template resumes with little regard for quality or individuality. To avoid being scammed, make sure your resume writer is certified by one of the 2 reputable organizations that do this. Don't rely on the resume writing website, go to the Professional Association of Resume Writers parw. For instance, you can search for 86 Keys and see the certification. Of course, certification isn't everything but it shows the writer is who they say they are. Other things to ask is, Does the website have real blogs, podcasts, videos, slide shares or other helpful information?

Do they have testimonials? Can you call and actually talk to someone.

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Ask to see samples. Today's workforce is more competitive and hiring a professional resume writer can be a big advantage. Many real resume writing firms will offer a free consultation so this could be helpful as well. Thanks, Lisa, 86keys. NeedaCareer in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee said: In the past I have always held task oriented positions that went no where. Hi Strawberry Plains, I found your recent post on this thread and wanted to reach out.

I write resumes for a living and would be willing to review your resume for no cost and provide you with some feedback. This conversation has been extremely helpful. I had my resume critiqued by TopResume and it made me realized that perhaps seeking a professionals' help would be best, considering as much as we know ourselves, we are not the ones sitting on the other end of the table. Therefore, getting a professional perspective seems much more logical in the pursuit of your 'Dream Job'. I will be considering a professional service to give my resume a facelift. Sure we could utilize the various tools available to enhance our resumes, but why?

The thing to consider when seeking a consult however is the dedication of the Professional or service-the level of attention rendered to each individual will be the determining factor Wish me luck RaeHedstrom in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I just used TopResume and I'm so sorry I wasted the money.

1. The writers aren't always as qualified as you think

The results were essentially no different than my starting resume, but for the addition of typographical and spelling errors. Lead instead of led.

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I agree with your thinking, however, I think there are probably better companies than TopResume. I do wish you luck. JWilliams in Phoenix, Arizona. Use fivver! I've used fivver for everything from web traffic, social media and even administrative task. It's a great tool for busy professionals! I hired Debra Ann Matthews for professional writing services. The following is my opinion of the business relationship we had.

It is my opinion that Debra has done damage to my professional image by neglecting to listen to my specific needs. I remember Debra requesting personal information to access my LinkedIn account then performed changes to my LinkedIn profile without proofing. I feel this caused an amount of ridicule amongst my colleagues. Many of these changes, made seemed to be a variety of icons and symbols that in my opinion resembled something like a Myspace page.

I would like to reclaim the full amount of money that I paid her, if possible, but I have not been able to do so as of the time of writing this. BrittanyCole in Nebraska. So many tips! I also decided to apply to professional resume writer and used the information mentioned in these comments. So, I was serching for the company with varage price not to low and not too high I also looked through feedbacks from the customers. My choice was Resume Writing Lab , they are quite popular now. I got ready resume and there were several points I wanted to change, they did it. And in general I am satisfied with the result, we will see if I am going to get job soon.

Use Fiverr I'm glad it was recommended.. Adam Fray in Oakville, Ontario. As a professional resume writer and ex-recruiter I wanted to mention a few things that you may consider insider information:. Recruiters do not wait to be wowed everyday. It is understood that they will spend hours sifting through similar looking resumes. In fact, they are turned off when it is not simple to read anymore. Some applicants try clever tricks such as poorly attempted infographics style resumes or formats that rely on colors, chevrons, and objects you would find in a PowerPoint presentation.

A simple but original resume will suffice.

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Avoiding cliche statements that begin with "Dynamic self-starter Use resume friendly words by consulting a website that lists safe to use action words. Then just formulate your sentence around it trying to be as concise as possible. Here is an example:. After - Leverage key supplier relationships and proven sales techniques to on-board new clients, negotiating competitive rates and offering first-time buyer incentives.

What was wrong before? Trying to say 4 things in one sentence: 1 using relationships of some kind 2 to explain what is done 3 to achieve an end result and yet 4 another end result. In the after version we are trying to say as it is and focusing on what the main end result is which is on-boarding new clients. We got rid of illogical phrases like 'strategizing preferred rates', and cut down some non-crucial words e.