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Konstantinos Stylianou has offered a variant of soft determinism that zeroes in on better understanding the unique attributes of specific technologies and political systems when considering how difficult they may be to control.

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Stylianou concludes that:. It seems reasonable to infer that the thrust behind technological progress is so powerful that it is almost impossible for traditional legislation to catch up. While designing flexible rules may be of help, it also appears that technology has already advanced to the degree that is able to bypass or manipulate legislation.

As a result, the cat-and-mouse chase game between the law and technology will probably always tip in favor of technology. It may thus be a wise choice for the law to stop underestimating the dynamics of technology, and instead adapt to embrace it. That may sound like just more hard deterministic thinking, but it represents a softer variety that holds that the special characteristics of some technologies are indeed altering our capacity to govern many newer sectors using traditional regulatory mechanisms.

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As I point out in my forthcoming book, that sort of talk is silly. Some technology enthusiasts or libertarians use techno-determinist talk as if they are preaching a gospel of liberation theology—liberation from the state through technology emancipation, that is. In reality, technology giveth and technology taketh away.

Technology can empower people and institutions and help them challenge laws, regulations, and entire political systems. But technology empowers government actors, too.

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Thus, those who think that the pacing problem is a one-way ratchet to emancipation from state control need to realize that technology can be used for good and bad ends, and it can be used and abused by governments to expand their powers and limit our liberties. Similarly, those tech critics and STS scholars who lament how the pacing problem will undermine governments, democracy, or other institutions or values without radical interventions also are going too far. They need to recognize that while it is true many new technologies will march forward at a steady clip, it does not mean that society is powerless to bring some order to technological processes.

We shape our tools and then our tools shape us. And then we create still more tools to improve upon previous tools, and the process goes on and on. The same is true on a larger scale. Technology and society are constantly forming and reforming new dynamic equilibriums with far-reaching implications. The challenge. On the other hand, abortion is widely available as a means of terminating pregnancy.

Once again, this emphasizes our wide range of technology that we can exploit yet it questions our moral obligations as a human being on dealing with life forms. Furthermore, we are sacrificing future generations by not acting sustainably towards our environment. Moreover, the extensive use of automobiles has contributed to this pollution, congestion and in some extreme cases produced acid rain. Marine and land animals have also suffered at the hands of our technological world.

The Question Concerning Technology in China

In another sense, technology has developed many destructible weapons that have been used in wars, hence resulting in many lost lives. On a smaller scale, fire arms and other dangerous devices are widely distributed and used commonly to conflict grievous bodily harm.

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Again, this highlights the danger of technology. As a result, many people have been the victims of online spammers. To a lesser extent, email and instant messaging has offered a new perspective for exploiting and harassing people. Here is a band 9 essay on this topic.

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Need help with writing? Get your writing samples corrected by me. There is no denying the fact that technological development has had a negative impact on the planet. Everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat is contaminated these days due to the use and abuse of various inventions of technology.

For example, motor vehicles pollute the air. Pesticides contaminate the food we eat. Some people believe that the only way to reverse environmental damage caused by technology is to adopt a simple lifestyle.

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Others insist that technology can undo the damage caused by it. I agree with this view.