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The Hawthorne study was a couple of different studies where efficiency experts changed different variables — in Hawthorne this was the lighting in the plant. They hypothesized that more light would lead to an increase in output, and it did. But the control group also saw an increase in output. When the lights were dimmed again, output rose again. The studies showed that it was not the light that mattered in terms of output. The key variable was that the workers felt that they mattered, that management was paying attention to them.

The workers also started to see themselves as part of a team, rather than a collection of isolated individuals. The Hawthorne study was important because to that point, most research on efficiency had focused on changes to physical aspects of working conditions.

The Hawthorne study and a few others around that time showed that psychological working conditions are…… [Read More]. Action Plan The theory of human motivation developed by Maslow and the associated hierarchy of needs can be of use in terms of facilitating both organizational change and conflict management. The basic ground floor of needs consists of food, shelter, and security.

Next come the social needs: esteem, love and friendship. Finally, self-determination can be achieved once the individual no longer requires external inputs to be motivated. With that in mind, the action plan to promote effective organizational change with an emphasis on conflict management policy for my organization has…… [Read More]. Organizational Change and Development. Introduction An intervention of change and development within an organization is a sequence of practices, activities, and occurrences purposed to aid the entity in enhancing its performance and efficacy.

The design of such an intervention emanated from prudent analysis and is directed to resolve distinctive issues and to augment certain operational areas within the organization ascertained in the analysis.

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The purpose of this paper is to serve a synopsis of the intervention design practice for a private prison company. The paper will delineate criteria that characterize efficacious organizational change and development intervention, ascertains prospective bottlenecks in executing change and the conceivable eventualities that act as guiding principles to effective intervention design. Initial Steps in the Change Process Step 1 — Build Awareness The initial phase in the process of organization stats with creating awareness.

The personnel within the private prison company need to be cognizant of the incessant pressure and…… [Read More]. Electronic Immigrants. With the possibility of telecommuting to work now a reality, companies are not required to relocate workers nor to confine their searches to local candidates.

For both of these reasons, there is a great deal of value in hiring electronic immigrants: a doing so increases the odds that the firm will obtain the degree of talent it requires,…… [Read More]. Dealing with Conflict and Tension in Teams. One also has to know how to respond to these styles in order to keep a team meeting focused and on task.

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For Kerry, the problem is that there are many conflicting styles and not enough guidance from him in terms of maintaining attention to the problem at hand. The communication style for the various characters consisted of the following: Kerry uses a facilitative style in that he opens the meeting by identifying the problem and then allows others to talk.

He also…… [Read More]. Decision Making.

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Decision-Making Decision-making is an important feature of leadership and management in any sector. Various approaches to effective decision-making have been developed and discussed by researchers over the years. This paper will discuss the rational decision-making model, how individuals can deal with biases and errors in decision making, how individual differences and organizational constraints affect decision making, and what ethical considerations should be made in decision making.

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The Rational decision-making model consists of a number of steps designed to enable the individual to make an efficient and effective decision based on evidence and logic. The first step in the model is to define the situation and the decision that has to be made. This means that individual must understand the issue and what is at stake by being able to answer what is the problem and what is the decision that has to be made?

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The second step consists of identifying…… [Read More]. An assessment is required to arrive at conclusions on how the organization may be impacted by relevant threats and opportunities. Weaknesses denote the shortcomings of a corporation in the area of strategy formulation and implementation. These also need to be studied from the standpoint of the client as clients can typically see…… [Read More]. The Ethics of Nepotism in Public Administration. This paper shows that the price of nepotism in public administration is often low morale. When government positions are given to family members and friends of politicians or those already in positions of power, the negative effect of nepotism is felt by other workers and staff members.

The ethical issue is that a lack of fairness and rewarding of service positions based on merit rather than on familial connection fosters a negative spirit among stakeholders that can lead to destructive impulses being given more sway than they would otherwise…… [Read More]. Nonprofit Sector and Governance Reforms. The past two decades have witnessed the non-profit sector being destabilized by three financial disruptions. However, the Intermediate Sanctions Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, fresh security exchange laws, and other associated governance reforms have only recently been implemented as solutions to the issue.

After reports of mischief-making within not-for-profit entities, administrative reforms have proven to be crucial to ensuring authority accountability, directorial autonomy and functional transparency Grunewald, More focus on applying ethical codes is necessary. The time requirements of executives are extending, with executive board agendas enlarging and audit committees and other organizational teams engaging in more frequent meetings. It is essential for future executives to come up with sound due diligence procedures.

The Non-Profit Revitalization Act NPRA is definitely the most prescriptive and complicated collection of regulations for not-for-profit entities enacted in America.

Its very precise, governance-connected…… [Read More]. Theory of Constraints.

Introduction The theory of constraints TOC could be seen as an approach towards the management of operational constraints or bottlenecks so as to achieve set goals and objectives Wilkinson, Maximizing Organizational Performance and Effectiveness It is important to note that the focus of TOC on this front would primarily be system improvement.

In that regard, in seeking to apply TOC principles, an individual ought to view the whole production system holistically. In essence, TOC has three principles, i. Business Strategy The company is faced with a challenge relating to the size of its stores. It needs to use that space more efficiently. One option on the table is to renovate the stores in order to use the existing space more effectively, and the other option is to use that space by changing the company's positioning, broadening its product line by using the space for offices.

The company therefore needs to visualize how these two strategies will play out before making a decision. Mankins…… [Read More]. Organizational Staffing Model. Part 1 Are some of the 13 see exhibit 1. If so, which ones? In general, it is difficult to make the argument that a number of staffing decisions are comprehensively more important as compared to the others. All the strategic staffing decisions are significant contemplations with regard to the devising and execution of an exhaustive staffing strategy.

Nonetheless, particular circumstance might be linked to particular strategic staffing decisions being especially significant. For instance, in a company requires to make the most of its flexibility, it implies that the strategic staffing decision encompassing the core versus the flexible labor force would be particularly pivotal. In contrast, if a company endeavors to improve its level of employee retention and reduce employee turnover, it implies that the internal versus external hiring staffing decision will be deemed more important.

In the same manner,…… [Read More]. Strengthsfinder Training Tools. The StrengthsFinder test classifies employees into a number of critical strength-based categories, such as employees who thrive on competition versus employees who seek harmony with other individuals. Both types of employees can be useful in many organizations but may deploy different decision-making processes due to their different strength sets. Just as all organizations have to make many different types of decisions on a regular basis, they must…… [Read More].

Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunity With the. Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunity With the turn of the 21st century, a dramatic increase is being witnessed in the international flow of labor with repercussion for domestic labor supply and management. The native, racial and emigre mixture of the employees is predominantly important for the workplace. If the workforce of the present times is compared with the one that was found 20 years ago, it will be easy to observe that there are "more white women, people of color, disabled persons, new and recent immigrants, gays and lesbians, and intergenerational mixes i.

This situation has given birth…… [Read More]. Management Accounting This Memorandum Serves. The use of managerial accounting to keep profit margins where they need to be and make sure that individual product offerings are not a net drain on the company is not the only thing that Thai Airlines can and must do to keep a competitive edge and to protect themselves from things like corporate malfeasance and terrorists attacks, but it is certainly a major thing that should be take into account and otherwise dealt with in a timely and complete nature.

It will not be easy for Thai Airlines to keep their competitive edge largely because other firms will be doing the exact same calculations and measurements. However, not doing so would be ceding progress and adeptness to their competitors. As such, not doing managerial accounting should be a non-starter for Thai Airlines.

Managerial Accounting Introduction Accounting Explained.

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Managing Quality With Six Sigma. It is also essential during the new product development process for measuring and quantifying the unique value proposition of the product or service being produced as well. The final phase, Control, is essential in both a Six Sigma and new product introduction process as well Pestorius, Conclusion The DMAIC process aligns very well to the new product development and introduction process and is used extensively for that purpose in applying Six Sigma to marketing. Six Sigma can change an entire company's culture and make the many processes synchronized and in unison in making new product introductions more profitable and capable of gaining market share as a result.

Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way. Quality Progress, 40 9 , Managing Changing Managing Change reflect critically personal perspective philosophy managing change changed semester Drawing learning experiences semester group case study, relevant change management theory, reflections relevant personal experiences organisational change , reflect critically personal perspective philosophy managing change changed semester.

Managing change The world we are living in is always changing. The nature of the business world today is very different than the way it was decades ago.

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