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Homeschool Curricula , Test Prep , Assessment. Urban Legend Circle Story - In small groups up to 4 , students will write a version of one urban legend together by sharing the story through Google Docs. When students form a group, have them choose a captain, and pick one of the seven urban legend choices that are provided.

The captain will cre. Activities , Cooperative Learning , Rubrics. Urban Legends Close Reading Assignment. Note: You can find all of these short stories in PDF format online.

You can also p. Reading , Short Stories , Close Reading. Activities , Handouts. Urban Legend Webquest. An 18 question mini research assignment on urban legends. English Language Arts , Short Stories. Research , Activities.

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Task: You are a member of an Anthropological Group conducting research on cultural heroes and folklore, and you have become interested in Urban Legends. Your goal is to determine the answer to the following question:Are Urban Legends simply scary stories to tell in the dark, or is there something mo.

Research , Projects. Urban Legends: Fact or Fake? Research Project. Task: You are an investigative reporter and have been assigned a special assignment. You must research an urban legend and decide whether it is fact or fake. You will present your findings on the evening news. Research , Projects , Rubrics. Urban Legends: Creative Writing Assignment narrative essay with rubric. Task: In this assignment, you will be creating your own urban legend from one of the following prompts. Whichever prompt you choose may be the opening sentence s of your urban legend, or you can simply use it as inspiration for your story.

Creative Writing , Writing-Essays. Activities , Rubrics. Somewhere in the Pacific is a mysterious island. Government officials claim it doesn't exist. The urban legends say horrific experiments took place. Others claim monsters roam the land. Luckily for students, they're being asked to find out exactly what has happened on The Island.

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Monster Web Quest. This web quest was designed to get students reading about famous monsters of folklore and urban legend from around the world by reading about crimes committed by an unidentified monster. They are given 3 suspects per crime there are 3 crimes. They must use provided websites to research the suspect. Multimedia , Internet Activities , Webquests. Folklore is an "integral part of American culture and are told and believed by some of the most sophisticated 'folk' of modern society" Brunvand, xi The definition of folklore has changed throughout the changing of time.

Today folklore represents many different forms of artistic expression. The term "contemporary urban legend" is fairly a new and unique term.

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Folklore is today "popular knowledge", and originates for many different reasons. As stated earlier urban folklore attempts to explore the uncommon and very unusual. Folk legend also attempts to explain, define, or even give reasoning to occurring situations or phenomena. Urban legends allow us to speak of our fears.

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And since they reveal taboos and obsessions American urban legends tend to be about death, cars, hygiene or money" Bishop, C These legends also tend to focus on sex, drugs, and any other unexplainable mishap imaginable. Urban legends are often a means of expressing our fears about the dangers that ripple just beneath the surface of our seemingly calm and untroubled world. Urban legends are cautionary tales. They warn us against engaging in risky behaviors by pointing out what has supposedly happened to others who did what we might be tempted to try.

In that respect, each of them is a little morality play.

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Though an urban legend could be true, the vast majority of them never happened, anywhere. Above all, an urban legend is a story. It's self-contained, has a cast of characters and its own little script. To some degree, urban legends must be considered false, at least in the sense that the same rather bizarre events could not actually have happened in so many localities to so many relatives, friends, and family of the many tellers of the tale Brunvand, xii.

Actually, it appears that for these legends to survive in the society and get passed from one person to another, they have to possess the role of a warning to humans.

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For instance, some urban legends speak about women get killed by spiders that created a nest in the sophisticated hairdo, while other urban legends speak about people being sedated and woke up minus a kidney which was removed by dishonest doctors for transplants Craughwell, Such urban legend was spoken in the context of American immigrants who appear to fall the typical pray to such dishonest doctors since they do not know much about the US legal system and cannot sue them, yet oftentimes children and minorities would have their kidney removed without the consent of a donor.

This legend as we can see creates fear in foreigners especially of Latin American descend who are not much liked by Americans since they move to the US in great numbers. Each category would hold over a dozen of different urban legends some of which appear to be known to me already while others are novel. I have to note that the urban legends seem to me to be created for several purposes as the following:. In conclusion, I would like to note that urban legends represent the very folklore that modern people need since they are so popular and find application in any industry, race and age.