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But these parents are pleased that their first child was born together. The girl was named Elizabeth. It was two years later that Henry realized he would not get a heir from a healthy man from Anne Bohlin.

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She miscarried her before she was stillborn. When Elizabeth was two years old, her father appealed mothers for adultery and treason. How Queen Elizabeth became Queen. Queen Elizabeth I was born in the royal family.

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She did not wish to meet the woman she considered her rival, but knew that if she released Mary her own life would be in danger. Elizabeth remained, however, fascinated by the Scottish Queen. Mary was said to be a great beauty who exerted a strange power over men and, whenever any minister returned from a visit to the now belligerent Mary, he was quizzed by the Queen on her looks, her clothes, her attractiveness compared to herself.

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Similarly Mary would ask after Elizabeth. But the two Queens never met. As predicted, Mary quickly became the focus of plots to overthrow Elizabeth and return England to the Catholic faith. In the Northern Uprising failed when the Catholic Earls, marching southwards, discovered that Mary had quickly been moved from Tutbury to Coventry and their plans to rescue her were thwarted. The Ridolfi Plot of went further by enlisting Spanish support to depose Elizabeth and place Mary on the throne. It was clear that, as long as Mary Queen of Scots was alive, Elizabeth's life would be in danger.

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Francis Walsingham, one of Elizabeth's most loyal ministers, was acutely aware of this. He set out to nail Mary and, in , his moment came. Walsingham's spies discovered that she was secretly corresponding with a group of Catholic plotters and, having intercepted her letters, they forged a postscript in her hand asking for the identities of those involved. The names and details were duly supplied by the plotters. At last Walsingham had proof of her guilt.

But she was not allowed a lawyer and, attempting to defend herself, was not even permitted to consult her own papers. Found guilty of treason, Mary was sentenced to death. Problem solved. But Walsingham had reckoned without the Queen's reluctance to sign the execution warrant.

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To Elizabeth, Mary was a fellow Queen. To execute any Queen was a precedent she did not wish to set, for her own sake. She also feared that Mary's relations in Europe would take revenge on England. As the weeks passed, Elizabeth procrastinated. For someone who disliked making decisions, this was torture. In February the warrant was finally signed and the execution took place before the Queen could change her mind. But when Elizabeth heard the bells pealing to celebrate the death of Mary Queen of Scots, she was horrified.

It had all happened too quickly.

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The warrant had been taken to Fotheringhay before she was ready. Elizabeth was inconsolable and locked herself in her room. She wept for days. Mary's execution would be one of the factors contributing to the Spanish Armada the following year. Her death took a heavy toll on Elizabeth, one observer noting, 'I never knew her fetch a sigh, but when the Queen of Scots was beheaded.

The s proved a difficult decade for Elizabeth. The question of how to govern Ireland had created terrible problems for the Queen over the years but saw the start of the Nine Years War in which hundreds of English troops were killed. Elizabeth sent out the impetuous Earl of Essex who only managed to create further difficulties.

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Her most trusted ministers, including Burghley and Walsingham, passed away. Leicester, to whom she had remained close, died in and Elizabeth kept his last letter beside her bed until her own death. The Queen herself was not as sharp as she once had been. Ministers often dealt with matters without consulting her, and she became paranoid about the threat of assassination. But by now Elizabeth was nearly seventy. Her health deteriorated and, when death came on 24 March , it was: 'mildly like a lamb, easily like a ripe apple from the tree'.

The mourning which followed her death was unprecedented. However, details of the legacy she left the country are open to interpretation. Certainly, her reign had seen England prosper and become a major player in Europe. Protestantism was now firmly established as the country's religion. The people had enjoyed stable government, and Poor Laws had created a new framework of support for the needy. But problems remained. There was widespread corruption amongst ministers involving the abuse of monopolies and tax evasion.

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Local government was inefficient. Elizabeth had often shied away from making difficult decisions and this had sown the seeds for future conflict, particularly in Ireland. Elizabeth's greatest achievement lay in the relationship she had forged with her people. She was ahead of her time in her grasp of public relations, and her popularity had remained undimmed. Elizabeth was rewarded with loyalty and, enhanced by the glow of nostalgia, her own unique place in history.

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Find out more about page archiving. The question of marriage The welfare of her people was of paramount importance to Elizabeth and she once remarked, 'I am already bound unto a husband which is the Kingdom of England. Mary and Elizabeth But Mary was not giving up without a fight.

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  5. Plots and conspiracies As predicted, Mary quickly became the focus of plots to overthrow Elizabeth and return England to the Catholic faith. Queen Elizabeth I ruled from to She was the last of the Tudor monarchs. Elizabeth was impatient to become queen; she had, after all, both a brother and a sister before her in the queue to the throne. Yet Queen she became and to many historians she is the greatest monarch that England has ever had.

    When Elizabeth became Queen she was faced with several dilemmas.