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Kipling was trying to create an effect, but not at the expense of what the story is about. As is his common practice, Kipling interleaves his stories in this collection with poems. Some, unattributed are implicitly his own. Following The Gardener is a poem called The Burden.

The Burden – Essay

Should we consider these poems alongside the stories to which they appear appended? Should we consider the stories in light of the poems? Poetry- Kate Ennals. Poetry- Clare Morris. New Poetry- Edward Lee. New Poetry- Arthur Broomfield. Poetry- Harry Dell. Poetry- Clara Burghelea.

Dylan Everett: New Poetry. Emma Lee- New Poetry. James Fountain- New Poetry.

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon- Poetry. New Poetry -Roy Liran. Caron Freeborn- New Poetry. Fiona Sinclair- New Poetry. Bev Smith- New Poetry. David Ratcliffe — Poetry.

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Linda Imbler- Poetry. Lucy Durneen- New Poetry. New Poetry- by Anne Walsh Donnelly. Philip Dunkerley- New Poetry. Karen Poppy- New Poetry.

Essays on mary postgate

Poetry- by Micah James Bauman. Sally McHugh- New Poetry. James Walton- Poetry. Katrina E.

Halfaker- Poems. Thomas Bailey- New Poems. Leela Soma- New Poetry. Helen Angell- New Poetry. Iain Twiddy- Poetry. Mary Wight- New Poetry. Poetry from David Bankson.

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Dick Jones- New Poetry. Poetry from Sandra Horn. Poetry- by Fiona Perry. Aspiring to a watery heroism — Essay by Nigel Jarrett. Anna Pia — Translation…. Queens of the May and other poems. In extremis: Reviewed by Richard Lance Keeble. Review of The Narrow Way of Souls. As she said to Miss Fowler, it was 'most vexatious.

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Grant's son who, his mother said, was devoted to the ministry; and, very early indeed, it took Wynn Fowler, who announced on a postcard that he had joined the Flying Corps and wanted a cardigan waistcoat. So Mary got the proper-sized needles and wool, while Miss Fowler told the men of her establishment--two gardeners and an odd man, aged sixty--that those who could join the Army had better do so. The gardeners left.

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Cheape, the odd man, stayed on, and was promoted to the gardener's cottage. The cook, scorning to be limited in luxuries, also left, after a spirited scene with Miss Fowler, and took the housemaid with her. Miss Fowler gazetted Nellie, Cheape's seventeen-year-old daughter, to the vacant post; Mrs. Cheape to the rank of cook, with occasional cleaning bouts; and the reduced establishment moved forward smoothly.

Wynn demanded an increase in his allowance. Miss Fowler, who always looked facts in the face, said, 'He must have it. The chances are he won't live long to draw it, and if three hundred makes him happy--'. Wynn was grateful, and came over, in his tight-buttoned uniform, to say so. His training centre was not thirty miles away, and his talk was so technical that it had to be explained by charts of the various types of machines.

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He gave Mary such a chart. What have you done with it? Where d'you keep it? A sheep would know more than you do, Postey. You're lamentable.

Poem - The Stranger

You are less use than an empty tin can, you dowey old cassowary. Was Wynn saying anything? I shall get this right next time you come,' she muttered, and knitted her pale brows again over the diagrams of Taubes, Farmans, and Zeppelins. In a few weeks the mere land and sea battles which she read to Miss Fowler after breakfast passed her like idle breath. Her heart and her interest were high in the air with Wynn, who had finished 'rolling' whatever that might be and had gone on from a 'taxi' to a machine more or less his own. One morning it circled over their very chimneys, alighted on Vegg's Heath, almost outside the garden gate, and Wynn came in, blue with cold, shouting for food.

He and she drew Miss Fowler's bath-chair, as they had often done, along the Heath foot-path to look at the bi-plane. Mary observed that 'it smelt very badly. Now, what type's that?