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We're making great radio in all its modern forms, including the ones you don't usually think of as radio. It takes a lot of work and it isn't free, so we need your help.

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Runner-up: Fred E. Balsac, Jr.

2008 High School Essay Contest Winning Essay

One-Act Play: authors age years. Short Fiction: authors age years.

Creative Non-Fiction, 21 years and older. Creative Non-Fiction, years. All three students focused on the need to increase free trade in order to improve the public health and overall economic well-being of the region.

Some 9, high school debaters have honed their skills over the 20 years the Center has been holding workshops. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit research and educational institute that advances the principles of free markets and limited government.

The Writing Contest

Through our research and education programs, we challenge government overreach and advocate for free-market approach to public policy that frees people to realize their potential and dreams. Submit a word type-written essay on an inspirational topic such as the importance of education or your life in the United Sates.

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Submit a work of fiction of between , words that is imaginative and creative. Currently enrolled in English 21 or English Submit an essay of between , words that is well structured and shows appropriate writing skills.