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In stark contrast often the law is the tool of setting control of the ruling minority over the oppressed majority.

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Even today, the ruling elite attempts to hold a strict control and elaborate laws which meet the interests of the few who are in power, while interests of the majority and average citizens are often neglected. Hence, one of the main paradox and dysfunctions of the contemporary law in the US emerges. On the one hand, the law guarantees the equality of all people in face of the law and provision of equal rights and liberties for all people. On the other hand, the inequality persists and the equality of rights and liberties does not always mean the equality of opportunities.

Instead, the socioeconomic inequality often defines the social standing, while the law serves to the interests of the economic elite that holds control over policy-making and legislative work. As a result, legislators serve to interests of the rich, while other citizens are of the little importance for them.

Essay on Law and Society: An Introduction

This trend could be traced in the past, for instance, during the Great Depression, when anti-union and anti-strike laws were implemented. This trend can be traced now, taking into consideration the government support of large corporations in the time of the economic recession when thousands and millions of Americans have lost their jobs and have got no means for living. Custom papers you get from our writing experts should be used for research purposes only. These papers are not supposed to be submitted for academic credit. Essay on Law and Society: An Introduction.

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Different definitions of law Historically, the concept of law changed consistently. Social and dysfunctions of law The law performs the function of the regulation of social relations and setting common rules which are acceptable for the community or society at large.

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Law and social control, social change and inequality The law plays an important part as the tool of the social control because the violation of the law implies the punishment for offenders. Personal view Historically, the law was and still is a dynamic system of rules and norms which are supposed to meet interests and needs of the society. June 7, Free Essay Sample Papers.

Search for:. We will also try to find out why these problems occur…. To me, criminal justice means the difference between a civil society and all out anarchy. Without a criminal justice system there would be no rules and no protection from the evils of the world. The criminal justice system has its flaws, but without it, the world would be full of destruction and chaos. With crooked cops, lawyers, judges, prison guards, and politicians even the innocent can be sent….

People commit it to fulfill their needs, to fit in and etc. Law: The law is a skeleton or framework for justice. It is only one institution in the study of justice. Justice study is interdisciplinary including: the study of law, philosophy, social studies e. Putting our own ethnocentrism aside 2.

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A criminal justice system has the standard foundation of the three branches of government judicial, legislation, and executive. Criminal justice system, simply an analytic system; where officials are in charge of arrests, prosecution, and sentencing criminals. All of these components operate in a sequence…. Our legal system can be seen as far back as biblical times. Although we have since evolved and made several changes in the way we judge and punish people for their criminal actions we can certainly see a strong presence of justice since the beginning of time….

The structure of the criminal justice system is split between the police departments, courts, and corrections. There are different theories and….

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It seems more and more that crimes of identity theft and organized crime are on the rise. Login Join. Home Page Law and Justice Essay. Law and Justice Essay Submitted By jstouttie. Open Document. Are Law and Justice Related Laws are sets of rules and regulations that are meant to be practiced and established by a form of government. Laws are meant to attempt to create equality throughout a community or society.

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For example the first amendment in the United States Constitution guarantees the freedom of expression, press, speech, assembly, and religion. This law, upheld by the United States government and people, is created to provide each citizen their individual rights.

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This is meant to develop equality for each individual to believe and express what they desire. However, laws often have defects.

They may not clearly state the literal meaning, resulting in various interpretations of a single law. For example in the Tinker v.