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The Top 3 Arguments in Favor of Eating Meat

Remember that the main idea of the essay is your own. The sources exist to support or to highlight your view by contrasting with it.

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Vegetarianism is more ethical than eating meat.

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Awful Essays. Follow AwfulEssays. Grammar F. Formatting C. Furthermore, many animals are efficient converters of scrubby vegetation to a usable form of protein for humans. This has served countless cultures in areas of the globe without tillable soil.

Sometimes I think we forget this in soil-rich America. And the other point is that when you look at the issue of growing food sustainably, animals are absolutely necessary. Fossil-fuel based fertilizers promote soil erosion. They have given us vast fields of corn, soybeans and wheat, much of which goes into the processed, nutrient-deficient, lifeless food that fills our supermarket shelves.

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Fruits and vegetables do best if there is some animal component with them — chickens or a side shed with rabbits. Manure is magic. Animals have evolved with humans. Cows, chickens, sheep and pigs would not survive long in the wild.

The Ethics of Eating Meat Essay That Didn’t Make it into The New York Times

We provide them life and they give life to us. But I see more murder in the plastic wrapped, genetically-modified, chemical-sprayed tofu burger than I do in my local grass-fed burger.

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How many animals had to die for that soybean field to be planted? I could say the same in just about every plant-based food in supermarkets which destroys the diversity in ecosystems to grow crops unsustainably. Nature thrives on diversity and that includes animals.

We need to honor the cycles of life and death in our food. Not to mention the massive amount of land required for farming both the animals and their sustenance.

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The depletion of the rainforests has been a concern for decades, and they are increasingly cleared to make way for livestock and feed. Ethics are a set of moral principles, parameters that determine what is right and what is wrong. Something that is ethical supports that which is decent, honorable, and virtuous — that which is right. When considering that eating meat contributes to the unnecessary suffering of sentient beings, to a decline in the quality of human health, and to the degradation of the environment, it can only be concluded that to do so is unethical.

The prevailing truth is that it is wrong.

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