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The irony being that Harvard gave Zuckerberg an honorary degree years after he dropped out. I tried to make it as gender balanced as possible and as diverse as possible with people from all different backgrounds and given at different schools! This one is an instant classic because Steve Jobs literally just tells it like it is. She then goes into the two main points of her talk:. She talks about her childhood upbringing and how much heartbreak and heartache she went through in poverty.

Failure helped her strip away the inessential and concentrate on the only work that ever mattered to her, which is now what we all know and love as Harry Potter, a now billion-dollar industry that has inspired billions of people around the world.

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We do not need magic to transform our world, we carry everything we need inside ourselves already, we have the power to imagine better. She actually turned her speech into a book for everyone to read and enjoy.

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This was the graduation speech that got me into this whole obsession. What really grabbed me was that this was the first time she had spoken since the death of her husband and the raw emotion you can feel from her words is so authentic and awe-inspiring that it just grips you in your seat as you hang on every word describing her road to recovery and resilience.

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A graduation speech is meant to be a dance between youth and wisdom. She said that this speech would be a little bit different. She was not going to talk about what she learned in life, but what she learned in Death. The death of her husband, Dave and how the grief had changed her in very profound ways. In the face of the void, or any challenge, you can choose joy and meaning. It is the hard days, the days that challenge you to your very core that will determine who you are.

The seeds of resilience are planted in how we process negative events… Finding gratitude and appreciation is key to resilience.

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  7. I received a degree from the school of hard knocks. But unless you have a degree in comedy and have done standup for years and years and years, then this method of graduation speech should probably be left to the professionals. At the time, the President was George W. Bush, so he does a famous impersonation of a letter that the president supposedly wrote to the graduates congratulating them on their achievements.

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    His comedic techniques are spot on, and he plants a joke early on and then uses it again in the George W. Guess what? Natalie Portman graduated IN and you know who gave the Harvard speech in ? Will Ferrell. You are here for a reason. Not good. Favorite Quote of course! This time, we hear from the perspective from a science fiction writer, Neil Gaiman, who has written episodes for Dr. Who and most recently known for his novel, American Gods. This is a great speech for anyone who is pursuing a Creative Career or a career path in the Arts.

    He just had a list of things he knew what he wanted to do i. Who, etc. He has some good rules of thumb for people entering the arts:. You have to see the work that you do like putting messages in bottles and throwing them in the ocean and hoping someone will open it and read it and put something in the bottle that will wash its way back to you in the form of appreciation, a commission, money, love or agents asking you to publish.

    You have to accept that you may have to put hundreds of things for every bottle that finds its way back. But you just have to keep putting bottles in the ocean. He goes on to describe something that helped him. He imagined that where he wanted to be was a distant Mountain and that anything that got him closer to the mountain he did, and things that took him away from walking towards the mountain.

    Write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. Favorite quote of course! This video is actually only an audio recording of what David Foster Wallace said to the graduating class of a liberal arts college. There is also a PDF version of his speech if you would like to read along. He talks about how to think and how your paradigms can affect your entire experience of the world. It is extremely difficult to stay alert and attentive instead of getting hypnotized by the constant monologue inside your own head.

    Favorite Quote: I have no limits. Fear will be a player in your life but you get to decide on how much. The decisions you make in this moment are either made out of love or fear. How will you serve the world? What do they need that your talent can provide?

    There are a TON of golden nuggets in this one, almost every line is one that I would write down. This is such a unique speech that it made the top He takes people on a journey and has some great visualizations and soothing music to accompany it! He basically describes the journey they all went through over the past 4 years of high school. Then he changes music through each year and then matches the style of his speech to what the experience was at that time. So, I thank every one of you who has made this university what it is and every one of you who have supported my fellow students and me along the way.

    We have received an excellent education here, which makes it far more than a step between high school and the real world but rather a stepping stone to our futures. On a personal note, being the first college graduate from my family, I would like to honor my parents. Present in the audience, they encouraged me and supported me.

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    Without them, my graduation would not have been possible. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Fellow graduates, today we have finished something. Sometimes I think it is ironic that - in each endeavor in our academic lives - we learn and grow and achieve the highest level possible in that institution.

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    Then, we graduate. The next year we are thrown back to being the "low man on the totem pole" in our future school. Today, we are graduating seniors, and this summer or fall, many of us will be starting at those entry-level jobs that will be the beginning of our careers. Some of us will begin graduate school, once again on the bottom rung of the ladder. But thanks to everything we have learned so far, I am confident. We will keep climbing as if we are on an endless ladder to heights we've never achieved before.

    For that reason, I urge you to make sure that you are on the ladder on which you genuinely WANT to be. Carl Jung said, "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

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    Up to this point in many of our lives, most things have been decided for us. From now on, it is up to us to choose. So be sure to make your choices when you are fully awake, decisions that are informed by your heart and not by what others say or think or believe.

    Our contribution to the world will not be measured by the money we make or the accolades we receive, but rather by how we share our unique gifts with the world. And the only place to find those gifts is to look within yourself. Check out this page of quotes for graduation speeches. Using a quote in your presentation often helps to make your address more memorable for your audience.

    A quote can also inspire you to add more impact to your speech! Wedding toast speeches are part of a wedding just as the white dress and the chicken dance. Learn to make your contribution to the occasion successful. Read More.