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How to Find Related Texts for HSC English in 3 Steps

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December 30, at am. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message. Then, he says, he cracked. I started crying because I didn't want to go back, so I rang mum and told her. It was a big moment. She asked me if I was sure it was the right decision and she was really good about it. I had not been to London before and, although most things have been absolutely brilliant, homesickness was the worst thing.

I got really drained. It was the pressure. Your ballet isn't very good'.


There was lots of criticism. It was because of Billy Elliot. I loved singing and acting and dancing as well and I want to do them all. He said he was "really looking forward" to going home "but it will be strange, I'll say that. I was very shy and nervous when I came down here and I've blossomed. But all the Billys have a chaperone all the time; you can't even go to the park or the shops without your chaperone.

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It will be nice to be with my family and be a boy again for a bit. Liam acknowledged that, despite his difficulties, he had had a great time and been "unbelievably privileged". He was picked to play Billy on the show's opening night in and originally signed for six months.

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He soon became indispensable and Sir Elton John and Stephen Daldry, the director, renewed his contract three times so that he finally leaves after 18 months in the role. I actually used films for most of my related texts in Year 11 and 12 English and went really well — but only because I considered the text type first. But what exactly does that mean?

Billy Elliot - Movie 2000 [HD Trailer]

So if your prescribed text is a novel choose a film, poem, or something else instead. It may seem obvious now but a lot of students forget to take this into consideration when choosing their related texts and end up with two of the same type. These are the techniques that y ou can only find in certain text types or are used in very specific ways for certain types. You have to take special note when it comes to choosing songs, as a lot of students do this and end up getting poor marks. If you choose a song for your related text, you have to have a musical background.

This is purely because the text includes music and therefore you have to analyse the music in order to do well. If you really enjoy writing about the different techniques in novels, go for it! If you know your analysis skills are stronger in the film department try that instead.

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You probably already know what you want to use just from thinking about it, but if not the easiest way to do it is by knowing your options. Remember to mix it up a little! Using your list of past prescribed texts and your text type preferences, create a list like the one above for each of the prescribed texts you wrote down. This way you know exactly how the process works for when you need to choose a related text next time. Usually texts that have literary merit are older and have stood the test of time. Those have literary merit.

Not at all! Choosing a text with literary merit is actually pretty easy if you know where to look, and fortunately for you I have a cheat sheet! That means that the texts that the critics think are amazing are probably going to be the kind that your markers think are awesome too. Obviously, this means the best place to find possible related texts is by looking at what has won the big awards!

What is a Related Text?

List of all the films that have won the Oscar for Best Picture. It can be harder to figure out which of these have literary merit, but checking out the winners of the Frank Conner International Short Story Award or any other similar awards. These are a little trickier too but you can try this list of Griffin Poetry Prize winners, or this top 30 list of poems. Or you could cheat and refer to this list of the Best Australian Playwrights.

Maybe I need to choose a different related text. So, for those of you who prefer to work with what they know or who already have a text in mind, simply use the formula in reverse! Do the themes of your related match your prescribed text?

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  • Do Step 1 as usual, then use the same methods on your potential related text to find its themes. Are they similar? This one is easy.