An essay on fast food and health hazards

All fast food does is make you feel full with processed food items, essentially rendering them junk. Many toppings that various burgers and salads have or the sauces and dips that accompany them are usually mayonnaise in generous quantities, ketchup or other flavours. Consumption of such junk food with all these constituents can be quite harmful to children and result in many adverse effects. Junk food works only to fill the stomach and barely provides anything to help develop alertness. This results in kids generally lacking concentration when engaged in tasks, failure to remember things for a long time, and generally be weak at learning.

The substantial portions of cheese and other fatty ingredients is inseparable from junk foods. These play a key role in increasing the presence of cholesterol in the body, which begins to deposit along the lines of the arteries. A habitual consumption of junk food opens doors to the presence of various heart-related problems later in life.

The physical body of your child is still undergoing quite some growth and development since the dental region and the bone structure take a while to reach their full maturity. Eating junk food begins to result in fatty deposits in various regions of the body, especially the hips and the thighs, as well as the additional sugar, gets exposed to the teeth.

This can set in bone-related issues early in life and lead to dental decay as well. Junk food is junk primarily due to the high presence of processed food items that lack any necessary nutrients, primarily fibre. This makes them difficult to digest as well as restricts proper bowel movement.

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All of these are responsible for the onset of constipation or any other intestine related disorders too. All the tasty and irresistible flavours of junk food are a result of fatty substances used in it. These fats simply get stored in the body but do not provide quick energyeateat, making your child lethargic. An inactivity of the body in the early stages of life sets the very foundation for a kid becoming obese and causing body image issues later on.

The Effects of Fast Food

Sugar levels are the highest in junk foods and the beverages that accompany them. And since sugar begets the consumption of more sugar, all these colas and sodas get consumed in large quantities. This directly impacts the liver, causing insulin secretion issues and could even result in type 2 diabetes very early in life.

The increase in fats and cholesterol puts pressure on the heart, leading to increased blood pressure , too. This consequently brings about an impact on the function of the kidney, resulting in water retention within the body due to high levels of sodium. The presence of sugar and many other flavouring agents begins to affect the hormones that are thriving in a young kid. This results in children having extreme mood swings, sometimes resulting in tantrums or even depression.

The feeling of fullness that comes immediately after consuming junk food may satisfy the stomach but provides no energy source for the body in any forms of proteins or carbohydrates. This causes your kid to be tired and lethargic all the time.

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We are all held bent in running the rat race and getting there fast. We want everything NOW.

One has to spend time with people to understand them- Our spouses, parents, children, relations, customers , employers etc. In the good old days the mother of the home got up early in the morning I am talking about an Asian household here and prepared the breakfast almost in a religious and ceremonial manner. It was done with love and care.

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Our parents would offer the last minute advice which was sometimes quite important and sometimes simple and short but that which demonstrated the love and concern of a parent. Then the mother spent time in the kitchen preparing the spices for various curries and the rice meal for lunch. Once again late lunch on weekdays was a "meal graced with pleasant conversation". Evening was a family time with the father where we shared our troubles, joys etc with the rest of the family.

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The Chinese restaurant was for special occasions. We ordered and we waited patiently for 20 minutes or even for 30 for food and we talked about so many things. Unfortunately things have changed so much. Having time to "cook" in this manner and having domestic help is a luxury today. Life ' 's demands have compelled us to rush and do the meter dash - 24 hours a day so we have little time to wait for something to boil and cook.